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Nature vs Magic

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Nature vs Magic

Post by Astral on Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:34 am

Magic has been researched to a great deal in Tedranog. Particularly the changing of oneself into a race more fortunate than them. Weather that be stronger or due to a particular desirable trait and while this has been shown to be possible to change ones genetics and entire make up there was something that could never be changed with magic and that was the natural magic capacity and regeneration of an individual. Even after being changed with every detail every internal function one changing to a race with faster magical regeneration will not receive the benefit of faster magic energy regeneration. In the opposite way being changed to a weaker magic race also did not make that persons magic weaker. On top of this study into this area has revealed that even though a person changed into another races mates with that race the genetic make up of the offspring ends up resulting in what would have happened had the individual stayed his or her original race as if they had never changed race in the first place. This has led all the races of Tedranog to frown upon changing ones race though this mostly comes from them not wanting to be fooled and end up with a child they didn't expect.

On top of this like any magic in the world to actually sustain the change it required a constant supply of magic energy to keep it going. The stronger the race the more that is needed to supply and sustain the change. For example to be turned into a dragon it is likely only a dragon itself could do that for you. Interesting enough having an individual change himself or herself to a nearly identical but still different species requires the same amount of energy as it would for someone of a species drastically different in every way.

Those who researched were confused. It especial didn't make sense for two individuals of the exact same race down to very structure of their cells and DNA to produce offspring of a much different make just because one of the individuals was using magic to be the race that they were. A theory was formed that nature was a superior and unobtainable form of magic which rules could be bent but not broken by the other magics of the world.

[OOC: The magic listed here is the only magic which exists in Tedranog. Magic is the only area of the Tedranog lore that can't be added to.]

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